Useful tools


CyberChef: Countless en-/decodings, cryptographic ciphers, hashing, data formats,…

GoAccess: nginx/apache log analysis. Beautiful representation in terminal, HTML output (incl. graphs) also possible.

Network Traffic

NetreSec NetworkMiner: Easily extract hosts, files, credentials,… from a PCAP file. Windows only!


JSNice: Easily de-obfuscate JavaScript code.


Binvis.io: Visualisation of files (byte classes, entropy,…).

Minimodem: A software audio modem.

Seatty: Receive RTTY, NAVTEX, HF-FAX (WEFAX), GMDSS DSC (HF and VHF) and NWR SAME via audio files.

Sonic Visualiser: Spectrograms FTW!

Stego Toolkit: Everything a stego challenge fan could wish for in a Docker container.